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We empower communities to adopt resilient and sustainable livelihoods
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Helping communities build resilient livelihoods

We work with local leaders and other on-ground community-based organizations to implement interventions that accelerate the adoption of adaptable and resilient livelihoods. Usually, factors that limit the capacity of communities to progress are complex and multifaceted. We take a holistic approach to systemically address these challenges by intervening across the social, economic, cultural, and policy set-ups that structure the community. In this endeavor, our work cover six major community development initiatives.

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In the heart of Africa lies a beacon of hope, a dedicated group committed to empowering communities towards resilient and sustainable livelihoods. The Foundation for...
"I am very glad to have been part of the Inua vijana na skill initiative offered by FOPCO Africa. I applied for the scholarship without knowing much about the organization, and I was so lucky to be successful. Now I am one step closer to achieving my dream of owning a designer clothing business. Thank you so much FOPCO Africa for believing in me."
Susan Kerubo
Cloth designer
"I came to know of FOPCO Africa through my neighbor, who had attended one of their field trainings. I followed up and joined a group registered with the FOPCO Farmers Initiative. Since then, I have never looked back. I can now fully rely on farming for my basic needs and for my children's school fees. This coming year, I'm looking forward to joining the Farm2Market group."
"I started working with FOPCO Africa when they showed interest in supporting our WASH initiatives in Majengo. Through their Inua vijana na skill initiative, I have personally mentored a group of over twenty young girls on entrepreneurial opportunities around the WASH initiative through manufacturing soaps. All the girls are now self-sufficient, earning incomes and ensuring that the neighborhood has access to cheaper detergents for washing hands and utensils."
Mama Suluhu
Comminity Educator
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